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SEO strategies can be very complex but this doesn’t make them less necessary. If your website, blog, or Facebook Business Page to be successful online, you need it to rank properly on search engines, and to rank properly on search engines you need a good SEO strategy.
With SEO, knowledge isn’t always enough: understanding search engines, how their algorithms work, and how you can use this knowledge to optimize your website doesn’t guarantee a successful ranking position on search engines. You need tools, and you need more than one. The first tool that anyone would think of would be a keyword researcher, but you also need a soft aware tool to monitor your strategy, find backlinks, analyze competitors’ authority, and more…
This can become a mess and also quite expensive, that’s why we thought a comprehensive tool such as Mangools could be extremely interesting. It’s a 5-in-1 SEO software tool that provides you with features to build and monitor every aspect of your SEO strategy. Intrigued by this premise, we decided to dig deeper and try to understand how this software works and if it’s as phenomenal as it promises. This Mangools Review is a summary of what we’ve found out and our opinions about it.

What is Mangools?

As we’ve mentioned, Mangools is a package of five different software tools called “apps”. Purchasing Mangools – which corresponds to a subscription as we’ll see down below – you get access to all the five apps included in the package. So, to explain what Mangools is, we should describe each one of the five apps. You’re going to read five different and independent descriptions because the apps are independent: they are not integrated but work on their own like five completely different and, again, independent apps. The only thing they have in common is the dashboard page. When you log in to Mangools, you can access a home page from which you can access each of the five apps. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. KW Finder - Keyword Research

Keyword research tools are the most common SEO tools, and this isn’t certainly the first we’ve tried. We noticed at once that KWFinder is more advanced than most of the keyword researchers out there – especially the free ones. KWFinder helps you in two ways: first, it helps you find the most effective keywords for your web content, and – second – it gives you tons of information about those keywords so that you can understand how to use them and what to expect. How does it do it?
1. Once you’ve typed the keyword. Or word – you want to research about, it doesn’t only provides you stats but also keyword ideas organized in:
  • Suggestion Option: it offers simple keyword suggestions and variations;
  • AutoComplete Option: it provides the autocomplete data from Google searches. This feature helps you understand what people are actually typing when they search for that particular topic;
  • Question Option: it provides the questions that users are asking related to your keyword. This is very helpful to understand how to optimize your content and offer the information that people are actually asking for.
2. Regarding the keyword stats, KWFinder organizes information and data in Trends, Search Volume, Cost per Click, and Keyword Difficulty.

2. SERPChecker - SERP Analysis

While the KWFinder is a very common SEO tool, the SERPChecker is more advanced. When a user searches a keyword on Google, the results they’ll see are based on their Google Research history, therefore, they are different from the results another user will see when he or she types and search for the same keyword. This is something you need to take into consideration when you build your SEO keyword strategy.
SERPChecker helps you figure out what people searching for that particular keyword are most likely to see. It does so by providing you with data about the competition for that keyword (through a difficulty score) along with Domain Authority, Page Authority, CF, TF, and Referring Domains for every page ranking for your target keyword.
Furthermore, when you use SERPChecker you find out other tiny details that you can find very helpful. We found particularly interesting the fact that these tools also show the percentage of clicks that the search result (based on your keyword) might be getting.

3. SERPWatcher - Rank Tracking

This is Mangools’ keyword rank tracking tool. This is what you need to monitor your strategy and analyze how your keywords are ranking on search engines. If you’re only tracking one keyword or one web page, you can simply make a check on the search engine, but when you have dozens of them a tool like SERPWatcher is indispensable.

4. LinkMiner - Backlink Analysis

With this backlink analyzer tool, you can take a look at the page that link to your competitors’ websites, but you can also see the links that they’ve lost. How does it work?
You can type (or paste) an URL on LinkMiner and it’ll provide data so that you can see all the links that page has gotten from around the web: Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Referring Domains. 
You can also filter the information provided by choosing a particular link type or customize your research with other features. This tool is the most important to learn from your competitors, understand how they can be successful, and build your own strategy based on this information.

5. SiteProfiler - SEO Metrics & Insights

This is another tool that allows you to analyze your competitors’ strategies: SiteProfile is a website analysis tool that provides a quick profile of any website. You can use it to take a look at the competition, and – of course – analyze the metric and insights from your own website.
The most important domain authority metrics are provided all in one place: Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation Flow, and Trust Flow.
The Anchor Text Box is, in particular, very important: it shows what anchor text your competitors are using. This is a way of learning from other website owners and try to understand how to rank higher than them.

Additional Features

Browser Extensions
Chrome and Firefox extension is also available for Mangools. When you’re visiting a site, the extension allows you to rapidly have information about its authority, backlinks, and more.
Learning Materials
A lot of 100% free learning material is offered by Mangools’ creators. In the Official Website, a blog section is included which is used for sharing educational content regarding SEO, Mangools’ features, and other useful content for website creators and bloggers.

Customer Support

When we review software or digital products, we always consider the quality of the customer support an index of the overall quality of the product or service. When a company’s main aim is to provide their customers with a top-grade product, they are always willing to offer a super-efficient customer service. They don’t want their customers to have problems with their software and they’re always ready to help.
Mangools have a live chat – available 7/24 – through which you can ask any question, even when you haven’t still subscribed to their service. An operator answers instantly and provides detailed information (we’ve tested the live chat with some questions about how scores were calculated and the guy on the other side was able to answer even the nastiest questions).

What makes it different?

As we aren’t new to SEO software tools, we thought of comparing Mangools with the other ones we knew and utilize or have utilized in the past. Mangools is different from its competitors in the following aspects:
These tools will provide you with a simple interface through which you can choose what server to use from those that are available with that VPN provider. After that, you can browse the internet as always.
  • It’s cheaper than SEMRUSH. SEMRUSH is a well-known comprehensive SEO software tool package but Mangools is a valid and cheaper alternative. 
  • It offers a more comprehensive package of apps than SERanking.
  • For some users, Mangools could be easier to use than SERPSTAT in which all the features are listed on the same page.


  • Mangools is cheaper than the competition. The lower price, however, doesn’t correspond to a lack of quality or features.
  • Efficient customer support. For any question or doubt, you can have a real person providing information and answers via the live chat available on their website.
  • 5 different tools with a lot of features. The more we used Mangools tools during our test, the more features we kept discovering. Some are tiny and will be useful only to a particular user, but the vast majority are really important. With Mangools you can have everything you need for your SEO strategy in one place.
  • 5 different apps: Mangools is a package of five different apps. Those who prefer having all the tools listed on one page so that they can easily pass from one to another could see this aspect as a con. However, having 5 different apps allows the user to have 5 windows of results, stats, and information that can be displayed side by side and have a comprehensive understanding of the strategy.
  • It doesn’t have a feature or tool that helps you find ideas about content. Some SEO software tools, like Ahrefs, have a feature that helps you find highly shared content for your website or blog.


Mangools offers three different plans for three different budgets. What changes between them is the number of keyword searches, SERP lookups, backlinks row that you can do or analyze.
With the Basic Package, you can save some money but you have limited usage, while with the most expensive one you can use Mangools in a nearly unlimited way.
These are the prices for each package:
  • Mangools Basic: $29.90/month
  • Mangools Premium: $39.90/month
  • Mangools Agency: $79.90/month
To conclude, Mangools is a valid and cheaper alternative to those known SEO tools that SEO experts have been using for years. If you’re a beginner or on a budget for any reason, Mangools is the best option for you. It’s one of the best value for money out there when it comes to SEO software tools with one of the most efficient customer support we’ve seen around.

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